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Do the best that you can, as often as you can, and don't stress about the rest.
- Christine Gingerich
Success Stories


Sheryl K. (Graphic Designer) – The Optimal YOU Wellness Course has helped me to make many changes to my lifestyle. It’s packed with honest information about personal health and well-being, and provides strategies to make "do-able" changes one step at a time. I experienced slow and steady weight loss and an increase in my metabolism, and I am learning to make better choices about food, exercise, rest and attitude. This course has truly empowered me to make healthy choices a priority for me and my family.

Susan L. MAcc CA CMA – I just can't express how much of an impact you have made on my family's life. You have empowered me to believe we are in control of our own future. This week marks the date that I have now out-lived my mother.  She died a very painful death of ovarian cancer one month after her 49th birthday. Since her death in 1985, I have always struggled with the fear that this would also be my destiny. Through your teachings, I now firmly believe I have some control over this outcome and in many ways I feel liberated. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Peter Gruber, Kitchener, ON, age 66 – I have been on a journey to get healthy for several years. I am a diabetic (controlled with medication and diet); I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol; and I’ve had symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver (not from alcohol but from fat on my liver). I’ve been overweight by at least 60 lbs and carry most of that on my belly. I’ve tried numerous approaches with moderate success and repeated setbacks. I came to see Christine to discuss my inability to make progress and to learn more about healthy eating and exercise.
When I started my sessions I became aware of many eating patterns and habits that were

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Jodie Z. (Busy mother and owner of U-Turn Ranch Children’s Camp) – Thanks so much Christine for your kind note in the mail. The day I got it, in fact the moment I got it, was the second I needed it. I was questioning if my hard work would really ever pay off. God’s timing on delivery was perfect! Your encouragement means so much. I have so appreciated all your insight and am excited to put your knowledge into practice.

One other thing I have to mention is that my kids now refer to you as The Lifesaver. Every time they come home from school on Mondays, they ask me what The Lifesaver said today. Know you are affecting many!!

Louise (Teacher) – This morning I wanted to send a huge thank you for the gift of your presence at our Ladies' Night. You spoke so clearly and covered such an interesting range of material. God has been leading me in learning more about this wellness teaching over the past four years. How grateful I am for your encouragement in leading a healthy lifestyle! I find it so necessary to be with like-minded people to keep on track and I have slid on and off the track during the years. What a precious and purposeful calling God has given you, Christine. I am thankful to have had the time and opportunity to learn from and talk with you. Blessings.

Jon and Shelly (Dairy Farmers) – When I heard Christine speak at a work-place in-service for the first time, I knew that her program was exactly what my husband and I were looking for. As dairy farmers, we had been treating our cows in an organic manner and we were looking to do the same for our own bodies. We really needed some guidance as to how and where to start this process. Christine was the perfect answer for us. Not only did she treat us as a couple, but she also treated us as individuals. This was really nice because we each had separate & unique issues that we felt were important to us. I think it was really helpful that we weren't just accountable to Christine, but we became accountable, as husband and wife, to each other as well.

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Sue S. (Teacher, Kitchener, ON) – In recent years I found myself lacking energy and enthusiasm and was feeling constantly fatigued. I was also battling a fluctuating weight issue that had plagued me most of my life. I have a family history of hypertension/high blood pressure and cardiac health issues. During peri-menopause I developed thyroid problems and later struggled through menopause without HRT because of potential heart difficulties.

I first heard Christine speak at a local “Women's Day Apart.” Having found her presentation energizing and thought provoking I took away from it her philosophy of doing what you can when you can.

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Bonnie (Pricing Analyst) and Dennis Stemmler (P.Eng) – A few years ago I was invited to hear Christine speak at a nearby school about food and how it affects learning and behaviour. I remember feeling my normal tired self but I could have listened to Christine for hours. She has a natural ability to motivate and help people understand the importance of optimal health.

The very next day I made two small changes and almost immediately began sleeping much better and had more energy. Those two small changes were starting each day with a healthy breakfast at home and replacing my large daily coffee intake with water. Soon after I visited

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